Topsham Post Office

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Topsham Post office OPENING HOURS HAVE CHANGED. Please look below for more information. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by unplanned closures.

Topsham Post Office is located inside Nancy Potter House.

Opening Times (when fully opened)

Monday 9am till 5pm
Tuesday 9am till 5pm
Wednesday 9am till 5pm
Thursday 9am till 5pm
Friday 9am till 5pm
Saturday 9am till 5pm

Services available at Topsham Post Office

•Postal Services •Banking Services •Pensions •Foreign Currency (Euro/Dollar on demand) •Money Gram •Postal Orders •Travel Insurance •Redirection Services •Benefits •One for all Gift Cards •Amazon Collect •Local Collect •Parcelforce Collect •Pay Point •Travel Insurance
Welcome to Topsham Post Office. Say hey to Louise and Malcolm.